Harry Potter - Plz


Hey, sorry guys. LJ decided to not load for me for like a week... then I was away on holiday and returned to it finally working, thankfully. It shoved us a week behind.

Challenge 78: Superstar now ends TOMORROW at 7.00/19.00 GMT+1

We only have 09 entries so far, so please enter if you can.
Harry Potter - Plz

Challenge 77 - Voting

--- Vote for the three best icons, in order of preference.
--- Please also vote for an icon of Best Use of Text.
--- Do not vote for yourself and do not tell anybody to vote for you.
--- Anonymous votes will not be accepted.

Hey guys. I know I let this community die :( I feel really bad and I'm going to try and revive it. I'm so very sorry, especially to those who entered Challenge 77. I've put your icons up for voting so as to complete the challenge. I expect you've already used them so don't worry about that rule for this challenge. I hope there are still some members around!

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Deadline: Thursday, 30th July, 4.00/16.00 GMT
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